Waved Sphinx, we believe

Subject:  What’s that Moth?
Geographic location of the bug:  Northern Indiana
Date: 08/11/2019
Time: 09:36 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Can you tell me what this moth is? We have looked around at many options but can’t quite place it. Might be a Catalpa or a Northern Pine?
How you want your letter signed:  Joshua

Waved Sphinx

Dear Joshua,
We actually believe this is a Waved Sphinx,
Ceratomia undulosa, which is in the same genus as the Catalpa Sphinx.  See images on Sphingidae of the Americas.  We will attempt to contact Bill Oehlke for confirmation.

Waved Sphinx

Thank you for such a quick response! We were definitely curious and several of us were searching the web for photos to identify. Thanks for the link to the specific page as well!

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