Water Treader or Broad Shouldered Water Striders?

Two pictures, from two different days, of different-looking critters on the surface of the pond in the shallows. I’m guessing these are all broad-shouldered water striders, but the mating pair is a little less clear. Could they be something else? best

Hi Greg,
We do not possess the necessary skills to take this to the species level, but we agree with your identification in the Family Veliidae, the Broad Shouldered Water Striders. The coloration of the mating pair does not match anything on BugGuide. We haven’t bothered Eric Eaton in a bit, so we will see if he has an opinion. Here is what Eric wrote: “You are probably correct, but aquatic insects, especially the more ‘minor’ families, are not creatures I am terribly familiar with. There is at least one other family closely related to Veliidae that you might want to check. Eric”

Ed Note: Water Treaders perhaps (11/04/2006)
In trying to identify another water creature, we discovered the Water Treaders in the genus Mesovelia on BugGuide and now believe that to be the correct identification on these insects.

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