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November 24, 2009
Hi Bugman,
I saw your comment about the dearth of water striders on WTB, so I thought I’d send these your way. The first one I’m pretty sure is Aquarius remigis based on images on BugGuide and its large size. According to BugGuide this is one of the largest and most common water striders in North America. The second one looks like something different though, based on the white markings on the thorax and abdomen. My best guess is something in the genus Gerris but there’s only one image on BugGuide that looks close. Both of these were found in August 2008, running around on Cascade Creek, Minnesota in large groups.
Joel Gardner (clickbeetle)
Cascade Creek (near Grand Marais, MN)

Water Strider:  Aquarius remigis
Water Strider: Aquarius remigis

Hi Joel,
Thanks so much for your wonderful contribution of additional Water Strider images for our website.

Water Strider:  Gerris species
Water Strider: Gerris species

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