Water Spider eats Long Legged Fly in Australia

Foodchain, Spider and Fly
Location: Queensland. Australia
October 29, 2011 9:58 pm
Hi guys,
Thought you might like this picture for your food chain pages. A tiny immature Dolomedes Instabilis has caught itself an Austrosciapus connexus, one of the Long Legged Flys. The fly is about 6mm long.
Signature: Aussietrev

Water Spider eats Long Legged Fly

Hi Trevor,
We greatly appreciate that you take the time to identify your creatures prior to submitting photos, which makes posting your submissions so easy.  According to the Find a Spider Guide for the Spiders of Southern Queensland website,
Dolomedes instabilis is commonly called a Water Spider and their habitat is  “On the surface of still-water ponds; this spider has the ability to run on water surfaces and to form underwater retreats in large air bubbles, although some pisaurids make their webs in green leaves or small twigs of shrubs and may never have occasion to ‘walk on water.'”  The Brisbane Insect website has some wonderful photos and indicates the common name is Fishing Spider like its North American relatives.  The Brisbane Insect website also indicates the common name of Austrosciapus connexus is the Green Long Legged Fly.

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