Water Scorpions Mating

Toe Biters??
Hi there,
I live in Sydney Australia and found your website when trying to identify these bugs, found in our backyard swimming pool. I think they might be what you call Toe-biters or Giant Water Bugs, but these ones have longer front appendages and long spikes at the back, at least the length of their abdomen. There is one smaller one on the back of the larger one and does not get off. Are they mating or is the little one eating the big one? Please help, my girls are too scared to go back in the pool!!!!
Janine in Oz

Hi Janine,
My Oh My we are thrilled to have received your excellent photo. We haven’t posted anything on our Bug Love page in weeks. These are actually Water Scorpions, relatives of Toe Biters that can also deliver a painful bite. They are mating. Tell your girls not to fear the water. The Water Scorpions are probably not established in your pool unless the water is stagnant. The appendages are actually breathing aparati, similar to snorkles.

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