Water Scorpion from Australia

Aquatic Mantid Like Creature from Australia
Hi guys,
congratulations on the new site. I came across this guy on the edge of a dam at my property. At first I thought it was just a leaf sticking out of the water but then noticed the eyes. I have never seen anything like it. Any ideas Queensland, Australia

Water Scorpion from Australia
Water Scorpion from Australia

Hi Aussietrev,
What a crazy looking photo of a Water Scorpion.  We believe it is in the genus Nepa.  Water Scorpions are related to Giant Water Bugs, also known as Toe-Biters.  The stinger-like appendage is actually a breathing tube.  We hope you have checked out our new site feature, What’s That Bug Down Under? that features our many Australian submissions.

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  1. This page has been very helpful, just found one of these in my middle dam and wanted to find out what it was, thanks for sharing!


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