Wasp Preys Upon Stink Bug

brown marmorated stink bug
Location:  Pittsburgh, PA
September 21, 2010 5:20 pm
I found a little wasp carrying around a little BMSB nymph. I am hoping this may help find a feasible natural enemy. I can’t tell what type of wasp this may be and was hoping you could help out. It must be a solitary type. it did kind of resemble a andrenid bee but, liked to flick its wings. The picture is a little bad but does show some characteristics.
Please include my name and information if you pass this information on.
Signature:  Jordan A. Lipinski, PCO

Wasp Preys Upon Stink Bug

Dear Jordan,
We believe we have identified your wasp as a Crabronidid Wasp in the genus
Astata based on images posted to BugGuide which states:  “Nest in burrows in soil. Each burrow has several chambers. Preys on stink bugs, Pentatomidae. It appears that your specimen is all black which would make it Astata unicolor.

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