Wasp Moth from India: Euchromia polymena

February 24, 2010
Was seen in Goa India in January this year
Central Goa, India

Wasp Moth: Euchromia polymena

Dear GMT58,
This is surely a gorgeous Wasp Moth, one of the Arctiid Moths in, we suspect, the Tribe Euchromiini.  We quickly found a matching photograph on the India Nature Watch website, and they are identified as Day Flying Moths, Euchromia elegantissima, with a link to the Moths of Borneo website.  The Cambodian Bugs website also has some photos of this elegant beauty.

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Correction:  January 23, 2014
We just received a comment indicating that this is actually a different species in the same genus: 
Euchromia polymena.  We located a photo on the TrekNature that supports that comment.

4 thoughts on “Wasp Moth from India: Euchromia polymena”

  1. Abdomen in this case is ringed basally with red, followed by two segments of blue and then two ringed red and finally one blue. It is Euchromia polymena and not Euchromia elegantissima. Both exist in India. The link to the Moths of Borneo website in the answer mentions both species.

  2. We just spotted/photographed one (Polymena) in Kandy, Sri Lanka — June 17, 2022. Yellow on wings slightly less vivid, more ochre. Thank you so much for helping us identify!


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