Wasp Mimic Longhorn Borer Beetle from British Columbia

Subject: What’s this bug?
Location: North 40 Park Reserve Delta, BC
June 29, 2016 10:42 pm
My son who loves bugs can’t figure out what this one is. Can you help?
Signature: Tina

Wasp Mimic Longhorn Beetle
Wasp Mimic Longhorn Beetle

Dear Tina,
Upon first viewing the attached thumbnail, we thought we were going to tell you this was a parasitoid Ichneumon Wasp, but once we enlarged the image, we quickly realized our error.  This is actually a Longhorned Borer Beetle in the family Cerambycidae, and we are very excited to attempt its species identification.  The drastically shortened elytra or hard wing covers really reminds us of another Cerambycid, the Lion Beetle, so we searched BugGuide for related species and we quickly found a visual match with
Necydalis laevicollis.  Alas, BugGuide has no species information nor is there much genus information on BugGuide Necydalis laevicollis is also pictured on Nature Watch, but again there is no specific information.  According to Western Forest Insects online “Necydalis laevicollis LeConte is a smaller more slender species that occurs from British Columbia to central California.  It has been recorded from Picea, Alnus, Salix, Arbutus, Quercus, and Lithocarpus.  The coniferous host record needs to be verified.”  E-Fauna Photo Gallery also has some nice images.  Thank you for submitting this new species to our site.

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