Walnut Orbweaver from the UK

Subject:  What is this spider.
Geographic location of the bug:  London UK
Date: 01/13/2018
Time: 04:09 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  What’s this one called? Less than size of 5p.
How you want your letter signed:  Steve

Walnut Orbweaver

Dear Steve,
This is a harmless Orbweaver in the family Araneidae, and its black coloration is quite unusual.  We quickly identified it on UK Safari as a Walnut Orbweaver,
Nuctenea umbratica.  According to the site:  “Found mostly under the bark of dead trees, garden sheds, washing lines, and sometimes show up inside houses” and “Walnut Orb-weavers are quite timid and usually only venture out at night.  As the name suggests they catch their prey in a web.”  According to Euro Spiders:  “The Walnut orb-weaver, Nuctenea umbratica, is quite flat. It hides under cracks in the bark of trees during the days and spins a small orb web in the night. It can sustain as low temperatures as minus 19 degrees Celsius.”

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