Wall Spider, we believe

Subject: Please put this lady’s mind at ease: what is this??
Location: maryland
March 8, 2015 2:00 pm
my gut says not bed bugs because of length of legs compared to body. With the naked eye, they look like baby spiderlings of sorts but since I once gad bed bugs before, and have found a few of these in various parts of my house (closet wall joints, of crawling across wall), that anxiety kicks in again. But since able to take pupcs and then zoo. In and crop, I can see a little better but would like to have someone
Tell me WHAT they are. The following is a pic of one bug at different angle that I put on clear tale and in a Baggie. Please confirm not a bv, and if you can, tell me what it is. It would put a nervous lady’s mind at ease. Thanks so much!
Signature: damsel in distress

Possibly Wall Spider
Possibly Wall Spider

Dear Damsel in Distress,
We believe this is a Wall Spider,
Oecobius annulipes.  According to the Arizonensis site:  “This is probably the most abundant of house spiders in the southwestern United States. Full grown they are 3 mm or less in length … too small to bite through human skin. Their webs are positioned in corners and along window sills where they catch minute crawling or flying insects. The webs readily gather dust and are the bane of fastidiuous housekeepers. The can also be found on outside walls and on surfaces of boulders in more natural habitats.”  BugGuide notes the scientific name a Oecobius navus and states:  “Cosmopolitan/Pantropical; a highly synanthropic, non-native species. Shear (1970) examined specimens from all over the world and found very little variation, and there is little evidence as to the point of origin.”  According to BugGuide, there are reported sightings in Maryland.

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