Virginia Creeper Sphinx

Subject: Moth
Location: Texas
June 27, 2017 8:11 pm
Found this little guy in the elevator lobby of my apartment. He seemed sick, so I moved him back outside, poor lil guy. Any idea what kind he is? He’s about an inch or so long. Also, what’s the best thing to do for a moth that’s looking worse for wear? I spilled a little water out for him, but he didn’t seem to want it.
Signature: Moth friend

Virginia Creeper Sphinx

Dear Moth friend,
This sure looks like a Virginia Creeper Sphinx or Hog Sphinx,
Darapsa myron, to us, and you can verify our identification by comparing your image to images on BugGuide and Sphingidae of the Americas.  Sphinx Moths are relatively long lived as moths go, and the tattered appearance of the wings indicates that this individual may have been flying for a month or more.

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