Virescent Green Metallic Bee

>Green metallic sweat bee?
On or about 6/20/06 while digging in my backyard, Sammamish, Washington (just east of Seattle) I saw this new to me bee. You great website leads me to believe it is a green metallic sweat bee. I did not see any postings from the pacific NW.
Larry Hart, Sammamish, WA

Hi Larry,
Virescent Green Metallic Bees range, according to Audubon: “from Quebec and Maine to Florida, west to Texas; also Oregon to British Columbia.” We also see them in Los Angeles.

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  1. I have virescent green metallic bee colony in the front yard of my parents house and they are in a high traffic part of the yard. I do a lot of gardening & I’m concerned about colony collapse disorder. I do not want to kill these bees is there a way move them some were?


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