Another Front Yard Rescue
July 5, 2012
Location:  Sierra Vista, AZ
Monsoon blew this little (heh!) guy onto the side of our porch.  My guess is that his tail was broken off in the storm, but I can’t say for sure.
Whip-tail scorpions are absolutely harmless to humans and pets, and only feed on other insects or arachnids.  Although many people find them scary looking (and they can get pretty darn big), they are beneficial to the environment.
This little critter was very well behaved, and was released into a space beneath my workshop.
Stefan Bowers

Giant Whipscorpion

Dear Stefan,
Thank you for sending this arachnid rescue photo, and for your kind gesture to a lower beast, we are tagging you with the Bug Humanitarian Award.  We needed to look up your name in our search engine to get a location and we see that your other submissions are from Fort Gordon, Georgia.  Is that still correct?  Please use our standard submission form in the future to ensure that you fill in all necessary fields to facilitate our posting of your submissions.  Thank you for sharing with our readership that Giant Whipscorpions or Vinegaroons are harmless since their frightening appearance terrifies many people.

My apologies for not using the standard submission form.  After my reply, I will save the link for future reference.
I took this photo at my home in Sierra Vista, AZ.  85635.  Today (7/5/12).
Thank you very much for the Bug Humanitarian Award.  Not sure what it is, but I’m happy to be a recipient.
Stefan Bowers
Sierra Vista, AZ
P.S.- Same beauty, front shot.


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Location: Arizona

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