Vine Sphinx

Lovely moth in Austin
I’ve attached a photo we took this evening of a really pretty moth. It had flown into our garage and couldn’t figure out how to leave. It conveniently landed to rest on the pegboard that measures 1 inch between holes! The design on the wings was three dimensional; most amazing! Would you identify it for us?
Karen & TJ Lamphier

Hi Karen and TJ,
There are two closely related species of Sphinx Moths, the Banded Sphinx Moth, Eumorpha fasciatus fasciatus, and the Vine Sphinx Moth, Eumorpha vitis vitis, that are very difficult for us to distinguish from one another. To further complicate the matter, you are within the range of both species. We believe your moth is the Vine Sphinx. The larvae feed on the foilage of grape and other vines.

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