Velvet Mite from Greece

unknown insects to identify
Location: Lemnos Island – Greece
October 26, 2011 4:55 am
hello, its been long time since i last took some micro photos in my free time.
now i started again and i took some nice pics i would be honored if you could help me find what these little things are. location is always Lemnos Island, Greece.
yesterday, i shot a weird furry bug or spider-like creature, and i wonder what it is to find some more info.
also, if we generally have to name this little insect, do we call it i.e. a spider ?
I rearely see such things. This is the second in 5 years time 😀
i attached a pic for you (zoomed from original file).
The other 2 photos are strange too.
No2 Looks like snakeshaped-eggs on wire ? Taken May 1st 2007. Same location.
No3 looks like a nest to me. Taken December 16th. Same location.
Signature: Vassilis Triantafyllidis

Velvet Mite

Dear Vassilis,
We are only going to address your red, furry, spiderlike creature at the moment.  This is a Velvet Mite in the family Trombidiidae.  Velvet Mites are relatively large.  They are often found in arid environments immediately following rain, when they become quite conspicuous because of their bright coloration.  Adult Velvet Mites feed on insect eggs and larvae are parasites on a variety of insects and and arachnids according to BugGuide.  According to Charles Hogue in his book Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, Velvet Mites prey upon Grasshoppers.

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