Velvet Ant

Subject: Large fuzzy ant
Location: Nevada
August 11, 2017 2:11 am
Hello! I found this lil’ guy tonight. I was watching TV when I found them crawling on my arm. I’ve never seen something like this before; what are they? And are they dangerous ? ( brown, 2 white stripes)
Signature: – thank you so much!

Velvet Ant

Commonly called a Velvet Ant, your insect is actually a flightless female wasp in the family Mutilidae.  The closest match we could locate on BugGuide is identified as Dasymutilla vestita, but curiously, it looks like none of the other representatives of the species posted to BugGuide.  Velvet Ants should be handled with extreme caution.  They are reported to have a very painful sting.

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