Flightless Bee and large Velvet Ant?
Location:  Sonoran Desert, Arizona
August 5, 2010 4:06 pm
I was camping in the Arizona Wilderness, just off of US93 on Wilderness Access Road 7469, when something bright red caught my eye on the ground. I stopped the Jeep and jumped out with my camera. I had no idea what it was, and trying to take a photo was comical, as it was scurrying about, non-stop! It looks like a bee with no wings, but it was the bright red bottom that amazed me. It is about 1 1/4” in length and has six legs. I have never seen anything like it. What is it?
BJ Roberts

Velvet Ant

Hi BJ,
Based on photos posted to BugGuide, your Velvet Ant may be Dasymutilla nogalensis.

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  1. Dale Nelson says:

    Located this insect while hiking in Menifee Ca.

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