Timulla Grotei? Velvet Ant of some type?
Location:  Seminole, Oklahoma
July 24, 2010 6:00 pm
I think I’ve identified this properly! I found this little lady (?) on some leaves in central Oklahoma (Seminole). It was about 1/2-3/4” long and a little hairy. Love your site!
Amy Goodman

Velvet Ant

Hi Amy,
You did an excellent job of identifying your Velvet Ant, though we would caution taking the identification to the species level.  We looked at the specimens of
Timulla grotei posted to BugGuide, and though they look similar to your specimen, the abdominal markings seem different.  There are many similar looking species in the genus Timulla posted to BugGuideOne image in particular, also from Oklahoma, is only identified to the genus level, and that image more closely resembles your gal, though the legs are differently colored.  YOur photos are excellent and perhaps an expert in Velvet Ants will be able to provide a species identification.

Velvet Ant

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  1. cedillamuerta says:

    Not an expert, just very interested and somewhat well read. This individual possesses traits consistent with Timulla vagans.

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