Possible Cockchafer
Location: Westford, Vermont
July 9, 2011 9:16 am
My father found this large beetle in their yard yesterday July 8, and saved it for me. Its very large with a hairy underside and beautiful feathery antenna. From what I can surmise it is a Cockchafer or May Beetle…however I can only find articles talking about those existing in Europe/UK. I’m curious if this is indeed one of those beetles or some variation. My parents live in a partially wooded area in rural Vermont. I released it after taking these photos and it made a sort of hissing sound!
Signature: Betsy

Variegated June Beetle

Hi Betsy,
This is one of the Lined June Beetles in the genus
Polyphylla.  Most of the submissions we receive are of the Ten Lined June Beetle which is found in the western states.  The Ten Lined June Beetle has a more distinct pattern.  Here is a photo from our archives.  You have submitted some wonderful photos of a Variegated June Beetle, Polyphylla variolosa, which is found in New England states.  You can read more about it on bugGuide.

Variegated June Beetle

Thanks for getting back to me!  I’ve never seen a June Bug that looked this interesting before.  And usually I never see them unless they are already dead.  I will add the real name to my photo collection 🙂

Location: Vermont

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