Varied Carpet Beetle

I think this is a varied carpet beetle
Location: Missouri
February 20, 2012 1:01 am
We recently moved into a house and I have been finding these in my house along with larvae in the carpets. I’m pretty sure they are the ”varied carpet beetle” but am hoping there is a chance they are not so please identify. The majority of the adult beetles have been in the bathroom. I have found larvae in 3 bedrooms but only a few adults in one of the bedrooms. I suspect the previous residents were very dirty due to a few other things nasty things that I have discovered in the house. I find an average of 2-6 adults a day in the bathroom. A pest control man came out and sprayed some chemical that we had to leave the house for and said they’d be gone in 2 weeks. Well it has been over 2 weeks and they seem to be increasing. I’m going nuts vaccuming like mad, using diatomaceous earth in certain areas, bleaching the bathroom, caulking up cracks nothing is helping. I knocked old wasps nests off the house but they weren’t even anywhere n ear the area where the beetles are. Any advice?
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Varied Carpet Beetle

Dear Eap,
First we want to console you that having Carpet Beetles in a very clean home is not uncommon.  All you need to do is locate the source of the infestation.  With the cleaning habits you describe, we are confident that once you find the source, you will not be troubled any longer by Carpet Beetles.  You should not waste any more money on an exterminator who sprays the home randomly.  Again, we must stress the importance of finding the source of the infestation.  Carpet Beetles can live on a variety of organic fibers, including fur and feathers. 

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  1. Do varied carpet beetles bite? I sleep under a duck/goose feather quilt and thought I had bed bugs but seeing the images here I think they are carpet bugs, I wake up with bites and they itch – if they are carpet bugs and not bed bugs how do I get them out of the feather quilt??

  2. when you say “All you need to do is locate the source of the infestation”, what does this entail? What exactly am I looking for? ONE or a NEST of larvae?
    I also believe that I’ve been bitten, on more than one occassion. I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up with several small spots that were very similar to ant bites……………TOTALLY grosses me out to think that I may have eaten one, because they are right by the side of my mouth!!! I am SO grateful for this site though, because I have been trying to figure out for two weeks straight what these ‘buggers’ are, but the bites today but me over the edge of NEEDING to identify them!!!


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