Varied Carpet Beetle

Subject: couch and house bug
Location: Houston area, Texas
February 27, 2014 3:08 pm
I have found this bug all around my house. On my couch, on the floor, on the wall. It is winter now though there are more in the summer. I am in south Texas.
Signature: CEM

Variegated Carpet Beetle
Variegated Carpet Beetle

Dear CEM,
This is an adult Variegated Carpet Beetle or Varied Carpet Beetle and they often attract attention when they congregate at windows in an effort to leave the home.  Adult Carpet Beetles feed on pollen, but the larvae of Carpet Beetles feed on a “wide variety of materials of animal origin (wool, fur, skins…)(1); stored food materials and products (biscuits, cakes, seeds, wheat, maize, oats, rice, cayenne pepper, cacao, and dried cheese); adults feed on pollen”
according to BugGuide.  The larvae will also feed on the dead insects that accumulate in light fixtures and windowsills.

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