Variable Jewel Beetle from Australia: Temognatha donovani

Subject: Xmas Jewel
Location: Queensland, Australia.
December 14, 2014 3:36 pm
Merry Xmas guys. My first encounter at my place today with this Variable Jewel Beetle – Temognatha variabilis.
Displaying the true Aussie spirit with its green and gold colours these guys only appear around Xmas and can vary from yellow to deep red. Thanks for another great year of bugs, hope the next one is even better.
Signature: aussitrev

Variable Jewel Beetle
Variable Jewel Beetle

Happy Holidays Trevor,
We have received several beautiful related individuals in the genus
Temognatha in the past, but this is the first Variable Jewel Beetle of which we are aware in our archives.  There might be a long lost unidentified image somewhere in our extensive archive which will top 20,000 unique posts in early 2015.  As always, your lovely images and interesting information are greatly appreciated.

Variable Jewel Beetle
Variable Jewel Beetle

4 thoughts on “Variable Jewel Beetle from Australia: Temognatha donovani”

  1. Hi
    This is Temognatha donovani.
    Could you please advise the exact location where it was found?
    Many kind thanks,
    Allen Sundholm

  2. Hi Allen,
    This chap was found on my 100 acre property between Mundubbera and Eidsvold as I was walking up to check the mail one afternoon.


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