Valgus Scarabs found in Termite Nests!!!!

I have no clue what these are
I live in Michigan, around the south east of Michigan. Burbs about an hour out of Detroit, and I keep finding these little beetle things in my room. My room’s in the basement, so it’s not uncommon to find random little creatures roaming around, but no one I know has ever seen these kind of bugs. At first, I thought they were ticks my cat brought in, but they’re kind of big to be ticks, I think. And I haven’t gotten any on my skin, and my two dogs and cat are clean (but they have flea and tick medication on now. They’re about as long as the diameter of a dime, and about as wide as half their length. My girlfriend thinks they might be baby june bugs, but they don’t look like june bugs to me, and I haven’t seen any of them fly. there’s not a ton of them, but I find one or two every couple days or so. There’s pics attached. If you could help me ID them ASAP, that’d be awesome. I’ve been freaking out ’cause I don’t know if they’re harmful or not. Thanks for your help,

Hi Brittany,
Due to the quality of your cellular phone image, it is difficult to be certain, but we do know these are some species of Scarab. Eric Eaton wrote to us: “The tiny scarab beetles are of the genus Valgus. Since they are thought to develop in termite nests, it might be a good idea for the person to have their home inspected. “

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