Urania Moth from Sri Lanka

Subject: Moths of Sri Lanka
Location: Sri Lanka
November 2, 2012 7:29 am
I have over 60 species of Moth to ID from Sri Lanka. Found you guys and thought i would test you out! I have attached 3 fairly distinctive looking Moths to start with. Really hope you can help ID these. If not maybe suggest someone who can? So i can contact them.
Any help will be gratefully received, thanks.
Signature: Gary T

Urania Moth: Micronia aculeata

Hi Gary,
Identification requests can sometimes take a great deal of time and not prove fruitful, and we generally only like to identify one species per request.  Your three moths are in different families, and we would like to deal with them individually.  We tried a quick search of the “moth Sri Lanka” and discovered a website, Sri Lanka Insects, and fortuitously, there was a photo of
Micronia aculeata, but no information.  That name produced a posting on TrekNature and we now know this lovely moth is in the family Urania.  We will attempt your other requests at a later time.

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