Update: We're finishing a Book

In January, we first posted the announcement that we are writing a book. Our book will not be an identification guide and it will not be a scientific text.  To quote from our proposal “Rather than using the Q&A format, the book will be a compendium of accumulated information, and instead of concentrating on species identification in the way a field guide does, the What’s That Bug? book will be more of a general overview of groups of bugs.”  Because of surgery and commitments at work, we missed our November 1 deadline, and we have received one extension through the end of the month.  We still need to write approximately 15 to 20 thousand words, and we are feeling very confident, but writing the manuscript interferes with the number of letters we are able to read and post each day.  Hopefully, our book of curious facts, myths and insect lore will be completed by December 1.  Please be patient as we try to shift some of our attention to meeting our commitment to our agent and editor and making good on our promise.  Chances are quite good that if you have a question, using our in site search engine should lead you to an answer.  If your direct question does not receive an answer, please do not take it personally.  It is because of our own time constraints.

3 thoughts on “Update: We're finishing a Book”

  1. That’s great! I am looking forward to the book. Your website is great, whether you answer one question a day or five.

    • Thanks Jeannie,
      It is actually easier for us to answer questions than it is to try to put a cohesive and coherent chapter together. We awake each morning at around four and try to get a few hundred words committed to the manuscript before heading off to work to further the education of others.


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