Unnecessary Carnage: Small Milkweed Bug was difficult to kill!!!

What is this?
Location: Northeastern Colorado
December 8, 2011 12:20 am
Hi Bugman! I am having an issue with this bug around my house. I find them maybe every other day and they are almost impossible to kill. I step on them and they seem to just spring back to life. I finally killed it by drowning it in Windex (This was the only thing I had close to me). Please help! I am new to this area of the country and have never seen this bug before. I haven’t seen them except in the colder months after it has started to snow outside.
Signature: Tricia M.

Small Milkweed Bug carnage

Dear Tricia,
If you find these benign Small Milkweed Bugs “almost impossible to kill”, then perhaps you should just stop trying to kill them.  They will not harm you, your home nor your pets.  You may read more about Small Milkweed Bugs,
Lygaeus kalmii, on BugGuide.

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