Unnecessary Carnage: Sharing the Title

Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica asking if we may adopt the term unnecessary carnage
August 11, 2009
Myself and the volunteers at the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens were looking over your site the other day (we use it for IDs that people ask us for), and came across the Unnecessary Carnage page and were so happy and impressed! We laughed so hard that we all ended up in tears, peoples over dramatic response to calling out their (is there any better way to put it? We don’t think so) Unnecessary Carnage was hysterical. Taking people on educational bug tours all day long means that we all inevitably end up hearing tales of harmless arthropods meeting gruesome ends. We have all tried to come up with equally offensive retorts to these horrid tales of violence, however we feel that that your term really hits the nail into the Dobson fly. Therefore we entomologist and bug loving volunteers her e at the butterfly gardens ask we if may officially adopt the term Unnecessary Carnage and use it in our educational programming.
We are Very thankful for your hard work. We want you know that down here in Costa Rica you have a group of people who will be using your term as an act of solidarity for all those of us who flight to protect bugs every day of our lives!
Muchas gracias!
Bryna Belisle
Monteverde butterfly gardens Costa Rica

Dear Bryna,
By all mean, use the term Unnecessary Carnage as a means to educate the public.  We are honored that entomologists in Costa Rica think the term is appropriate.

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