Unnecessary Carnage
I like the unnecessary carnage posts. I don’t understand why some people feel they need to kill every insect they find… at least before committing “insecticide” one should seek education. I always seek to capture and release.
That said, I admit to killing some of our many-legged friends in select cases. One example is when a yellow-fly or deer fly decides to “defend” such territory as the front doorstep and aggressively trespasses into the house (In Florida, lethal force is authorized under the “Castle Doctrine” you see…). But seriously, these dear flies should seek education too; it is not in their best interest to break into a house, armed and intending to cause great bodily harm. Have you seen the welts they leave? Bigger than a silver dollar! I know, you probably think I’m an evil person for defending myself. Alas. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the panic I go into when surrounded by Culex nigripalpus during an encephalitis outbreak; I’m sure there are casualties.
I’m not sure what came over me there. I really just meant to tell you about all the spiders and moths and such that I release or leave alone. I don’t even bother the black widows out in the shed (but I’m not attempting diplomacy either… we just stay out of each others’ way). But somehow your site has the attraction of the confession booth, I think; else why do people send in pictures of viciously mauled hexapods when clearly the site is staffed by insect advocates?
Kind regards,
Robert Beverly
Friend of the Many-Legged;
With the exception of a few irreconcilable terrorists.

Dear Robert,
Thanks for your thoughtful letter.  We too draw the line at bloodsuckers.  We have no problem swatting Mosquitoes.  We also dispatch Sugar Ants that invade the kitchen, though we leave them alone in the yard.  We have no mercy with pantry pests and aphids sucking the juices from our garden plants are manually dispatched.

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