Subject: Large Weevil from Madagascar
Location: Ifaty Spiny Forest, Madagascar
February 27, 2017 10:53 pm
Here’s a photo of a large (>1″) weevil. Any ideas as to species?
Signature: R Lockett


Dear R Lockett,
Like you, we have not had much luck finding out a species name, and the closest visual match we found in our brief web search was this FlickR image of a much darker colored, unidentified Weevil from Madagascar, however, the markings on the legs do look quite similar, which causes us to speculate that perhaps this is a species that shows much variability in its markings.

Update from Cesar Crash who identified Rhytidophloeus rothschildi
Cesar provided us with a link to FlickR that identifies Rhytidophloeus rothschildi.

Location: Ifaty Spiny Forest, Madagascar

2 Responses to Weevil from Madagascar: Rhytidophloeus rothschildi

  1. Cesar Crash says:

    I think I was lucky in the search. I Googled curculionidae madagascar and the fourth result was Rhytidophloeus rothschildi:

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