Unknown True Bug from South Africa is a Spiny Bug

Subject: Identification
Location: Napier, Western Cape, South Africa
March 10, 2016 9:38 am
I found the camouflaged insect this morning (Thursday 10 March) by accident (first JPG) – if it hadn’t moved to avoid my hosepipe I would not have seen it. About 1cm long, and keeping very still among the autumn leaf litter … we’ve had this property since end 2003, and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like it. …
Signature: Johann van der Merwe

What's That Bug?
What’s That Bug?

Hi Again Johann,
We split your request into two postings.  We have no idea what this camouflaged insect is, but we are relatively certain it is a True Bug in the suborder Heteroptera.  We are going to throw this out as a challenge to our readership to assist in its identification.

Thank you for all the trouble you take in identifying these insects – it is appreciated.

Karl Identifies the Spiny Bug.
Hi Daniel and Johann:
It looks like a Coreid bug in the genus Pephricus (Coreidae: Coreinae: Phyllomorphini). The common name may be Spiny Bug, which would certainly make sense. Regards.

Wow.  Thanks so much Karl.  We never would have guessed that this Spiny Bug was in the family Coreidae.

You are spot on … what I found is undoubtedly a Pephricus Coreidae.
As Len de Beer said, a leaf mimic with amazing spines.
Thank you very much.

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