Subject: What’s this gorgeous spider?
Location: Central Ohio
April 25, 2017 12:59 pm
Hello! Recently converted arachnophobe here – made friends with an argiope aurantia last year…now I’m fascinated with our spider buddies, and have educated myself on the various species in my area (Central Ohio). I walk my property every day looking for new friends, and I came across this absolutely beautiful spider. She was hanging out in a very fuzzy, messy web (not an orbweaver-like web), and did me the courtesy of posing for photos taken with my phone. Very docile, green legs, white and yellow underbelly…but no idea what she is. Any idea? Thank you!
Signature: Jaime

Unknown Spider

Dear Jaime,
At first glance we thought this resembled an Orchard Spider, but closer inspection caused us to change our minds, plus it is early in the year for an Orchard Spider in Ohio, and the web you described does not fit.  We searched through the genera of the Comb Footed Spiders in the family Theridiidae on BugGuide and we could not find a match.  Perhaps one of our readers will recognize this spider.

Unknown Spider

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Location: Ohio

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