Long Legged Fishing Spider from Honduras

Subject: Honduras- Spider
Location: El Ocote, Honduras
November 19, 2014 7:35 pm
HI, I visited the forests of Honduras and came across this beautiful spider! The body was easily the size of my palm, and its legs longer than my fingers!!! It was on a rock, that was in the middle of a creek. This was in easternHonduras, in the forests outside the small community of El Ocote.
The back part of the body had mostly black, but was fat and round. The legs were banded with black and brown stripes.
This beauty was easily larger than my hand when we took the legs into account. No web that I could see.
Sadly I asked our military escort to grab this pic and we couldn’t get much closer due to the creek and safety reasons…. when i asked him what type this was, all he said was spider in Spanish.
Signature: Curious Traveler

Unknown Spider
Long Legged Fishing Spider

Dear Curious Traveler,
Your image is too blurry for an identification.

Can you identify this Spider?
or if not,any educated guesses?
A better description is as follows:
Long thin legs with alternating black and brown bands, each leg aprox  6 inches long.
Abdomen/body aprox 4 inches long.
Fangs were aprox half an inch.
The  main body was just a  plain brown and then the back part of the body was all brown with no markings then it faded to black, no markings again.
Location: found on a rock in the middle of a creek  in the woods about 45 mins outside the village of El Ocote in eastern Honduras. NO web nearby.
Time: middle of afternoon aprox 12noon, on august 25th 2014.

We will post your blurry image and give our readership a chance at identification.

Update:  Long Legged Fishing Spider
Thanks to a comment from Cesar Crash who runs our sister site Insetologia out of Brazil, we believe this is a Long Legged Fishing Spider in the family Trechaleidae.  Both the shape of the spider and the behavior that is described in the submission fit for this family.

Oh wow thank you! I’m sorry I could not get a better picture but it is nice to get an idea 🙂
Looking up pics online and it does look a lot like the spider. The body in the back is slightly off, but  I think that may have been it! Thank you!

Update from Karl:  December 17, 2014
Hi Daniel and Curious Traveler:
Regarding the poster’s comment that the “body in the back is slightly off”, it’s because his/her photo is of a female carrying an egg sac. Trechaleid spiders produce a rather distinctive flat, disc-shaped and camouflaged egg sac that the females carry around attached to the underside of her abdomen. Regards.  Karl

Thanks Karl,
If Curious Traveler had taken an image with the high quality of the link you provided, it would have made identification considerably easier.

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