Male Net-Casting Spider from Australia

4 legged spider
Location: Sydney, Australia
January 5, 2011 6:25 am
This has me stumped. Never seen anything like it!
Looks a bit like a spider. Hangs around on the wall like a spider.
Seems to have a thin long body and 4 legs that spread diagonally.
Signature: Sincerely Jonathan

Net-Casting Spider

Hi Jonathan,
We do not recognize your spider and we are posting your letter as Unidentified since we haven’t the time to research this at the moment.  Perhaps one of our readers will have some luck.  You may also try scanning through the Spiders of Brisbane webpages.  There are some spiders that rest with two pairs of legs together, creating the appearance of four legs rather than eight, and this specimen appears to be one of those.

Identification courtesy of Karl
Hi Daniel and Jonathan:
It appears to be a male Net-casting spider (Deinopidae), probably Deinopsis subrufa. You can also check out this site. Regards. Karl

Thanks Karl.  Trevor also supplied us with an identifying comment.

That’s great!  Thank you.
It does look a lot like this one:
I reckon that is what I saw or something very close.
Jonathan Young

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