Desidae Spider

Subject:  Possible false wolf spider
Geographic location of the bug:  Oxnard, CA
Date: 02/27/2018
Time: 10:39 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I found this pretty spider sitting on the top of an outdoor table after cleaning the umbrella above it of cobwebs. It probably fell from the umbrella. Maybe it was hunting for webspinners and not in a web. I didn’t see where it came from. The legs were a dark redish color in the darker parts (not black like in the picture). It was about half an inch in body length and moved very slowly.
How you want your letter signed:  Curious homeowner

Unknown Spider

Dear Curious homeowner,
We are posting your submission as unidentified and we will attempt a species identification soon.

Update:  Moments after posting, we received a comment from Sean McCann “I think it may well be Badumna longinqua, an introduced desid spider” and upon researching BugGuide which states “In North America, known only from coastal urban areas of California,” we are in agreement.  We had no category for this introduced species from Australia, so we added a Desidae subcategory for this family.

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