Female Southern House Spider

Subject:  Spider named Aragog
Geographic location of the bug:  Southern California
Date: 01/07/2018
Time: 01:27 PM EDT
I can’t find a thing on this lovely ‘lady’. My son purchased an old Airstream Trailer, drove it home (apx 30 miles) and saw her trying to climb up one of the tires the next morning. We have no clue as to ‘where ‘ she actually came from. We live in the mountains where it gets very cold and my concern for her was if she was from ‘down the hill’ it was far too cold for her up here. She is now set up in a quite comfy critter keeper. I have 2 Tarantula Females that I have owned for 20+ years now. What’s another spider to care for! Can you please tell me what she is? We have freaked out about a ‘Recluse’ but she has built a ‘Widow’ type web into her little tree branch in her keeper. She does not appear aggressive or fast moving whatsoever. I’m actually stumped. She’s larger than a quarter.  Spread out I’d say half dollar coin sized. She’s big! We are now calling her Aragog. Thanks.
How you want your letter signed:  Keeper of T’s

Female Southern  House Spider

Dear Keeper of T’s,
We are posting your Spider images prior to identification.  It appears that the eyes on this individual are not very well developed, indicating is most likely spends its time in low light situations and also that it does not depend upon eyesight to hunt.  We will do additional research and then get back to you.  Perhaps one of our readers will have an idea how to classify your Spider.

Female Southern House Spider

Update:  Female Southern House Spider
Thanks to Cesar Crash who wrote in that this is a female Southern House Spider, a species pictured on BugGuide.

Goodness Gracious Thank You! Now I shall provide a bit more Branchery for webbing! hehe

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