Awesome Spider
Location: Los Angeles, Calif
June 17, 2011 5:08 pm
I found this unique (or maybe not, but I’ve not encountered it before) specimen of arachnid on one of the hammock support ropes in my backyard. The attached photo was taken June 17 at 3 p.m. in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles (about four miles northwest of downtown). The size and height of its cephalothorax in proportion to its abdomen is what I found most interesting. In terms of scale I’d guesstimate the creature in its ”hunkered down” position as shown to be not more than a single centimeter in length. I wasn’t able to photograph it in motion. I’m a huge fan ow What’s That Bug. Thank you for any solution you can be to this mystery spider.
Signature: Will Campbell

Possibly Lynx Spider

Dear Will,
Sadly, we have not had any luck trying to identify your spider either.  We have a vague recollection of seeing images of similar spiders, but we are drawing a blank.  We tried looking through images on BugGuide, but alas, no luck.  Hopefully our readership will be able to provide some assistance in this identification.  A view of the eyes from straight on might help.  Did it have a web nearby?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much for the response. Part of me is glad I at least didn’t submit “The Most Common Spider In The Universe.” I found it in the same spot as it had been yesterday and have attached a couple images snapped in hopes they might help; one more straight-on and another of what might be its web/lair.

Possibly Lynx Spider

Hi again Will,
Thanks for the additional documentation.  We hope we will eventually be able to provide an ID.  You may want to provide a comment to the posting to ensure that in the future you will be notified of any activity or comments.

Possibly Lynx Spider

Update:  December 12, 2012
A comment from a reader directed us to the genus
Hamataliwa on Bugguide which appears to be correct.


Location: California

4 Responses to Unknown Spider may be Lynx Spider

  1. wildbell says:

    I greatly appreciate your help and will keep my fingers crossed that this awesome spider mystery might be solved.

  2. Jacob H says:

    While browsing spider pictures on bugguide I came across the genus Hamataliwa, which I thought looked vaguely similar to the little fellow in the picture here. However, this one’s abdomen seems larger than most lynx spiders photos I’m seeing (it doesn’t seem that there are many pictures of this particular genus on the internet), so I could very well be wrong.

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