Unknown Sphinx Moth may have been washed with the clothes

Subject: What is this bug? Butterfly and wasp look a like.
Location: Southern California
March 21, 2015 1:46 am
I was doing laundry when I found this bug dead on the ground next to the machine. I’ve never seen one before. It had a butterfly like mouth that was swirly, but it had a big long wasp like torso, but more brown. Its wings were also more like a wasps. This was in southern California. Help appreciated!
Signature: Wanderers Friend

Sphinx Moth
Sphinx Moth

Dear Wanderers Friend,
All we can say for certain is that this is a moth in the family Sphingidae.  All the wing and body scales have been removed, making identification from an image rather impossible, leading us to believe this Sphinx Moth may have been washed with a load of laundry.  Whitelined Sphinx Moth are currently quite plentiful on the wing in Southern California, so that is a very good candidate for an identity.

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