Unknown Spanworm from Australia

Very, very tiny black caterpillar with white spots
February 8, 2010
‘Ello Bugman!
Today I found a very, very tiny black caterpillar. He’s approx 3mm long and has tiny white spots which first I thought were stripes across his body.
I live in Australia in NSW and it is currently Summer (although has been wet and rainy for a week now).
I don’t know what the plant is. It self-seeded from somewhere and I don’t mind if he eats it all up.
It would be interesting however, to find out what he is, how big he will get and what he is to become.
Penrith (Western Sydney, NSW Australia)

unknown Inchworm from Australia

Hi Bronwyn,
We can say for certain that this is a Spanworm or Inchworm caterpillar in the family Geometridae, but we would need additional time to determine the species.  Since it is so small, it is an early instar, and it may undergo five additional molts before pupating.  Each molt or instar may have different markings and coloration.  Generally, most caterpillar photos are of the final instar, and it can be quite difficult to properly identify the earlier instars.  Knowing the food plant often helps, but alas, we do not recognize your plant.  As the caterpillar grows, molts and changes, you may send additional images in the hope that would assist in identification.

Host Plant

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