Yellow Spotted Beetle from Thailand
May 7, 2010
I found this fellow on my porch in central Bangkok, Thailand. It was during the afternoon and he was struggling to right himself after being stuck on his back. He seemed lethargic and possible in the Autumn of his life.
Bangkok, Thailand

Protaetia niveoguttata

Hi Johnny,
Your letter is the last one we are posting before locking up the office and heading for Ohio for Mother’s Day.  This is a Scarab Beetle, but we haven’t the time to research the species.

3 Responses to Unknown Scarab from Thailand is Protaetia niveoguttata

  1. kkroeker says:

    I believe it is a flower chafer or flower scarab (Scarabidae: Cetoniinae) in the genus Protaetia, probably P. niveoguttata.

  2. gayatrirohit says:

    Could it be a Cetonid beetle? Many cetonids have such spots. Some from genus Protaetia have such symmetrical spots..

  3. EBM says:

    I can confirm, this is Protaetia niveoguttata


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