Unknown Scarab from Ontario is Osmoderma species

Unknown Beetle
Hi Bugman…need some help on this one. This beetle was about 3/4″ long and living in a large hole in the side of a tree. My first impression was that it was a scarab beetle but I’m not sure. Found it in Southern Ontario. Thanks
Tom Rook

Hi Tom,
We agree with Scarabaeidae for the family, but we need additional time, and help from Eric Eaton, to go any further in the identification. We will post your image and hopefully get you an answer. Here is Eric’s response: “Daniel: Good job just to recognize it as a scarab! It is an odd one. The genus is Osmoderma, but I can’t make out the species. It would either be Osmoderma eremicola, or Osmoderma scabra. The latter is smaller, with textured wing covers. The former is larger, with smooth wing covers. Eric”

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  1. I just found the same black osmodera scarab on my back porch in southern new York about 8 miles from penn. border! Is that normal??

  2. Dude, I think it might be a hermit flower beetle. They live on trees and feed on dead tree debris. I found one similar to your description just today in Southern Ontario!


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