Scarab Beetle from South Africa

Unidentified beetle
Location: Mariepskop, Mpumalanga, South Africa
July 24, 2011 2:44 pm
An interesting beetle that i cannot identify
Signature: Peter Sharland

Unknown South African Scarab Beetle

Dear Peter,
Some parts of the world, like Australia, Great Britain and North America have numerous internet resources for insect identification, while places like South Africa have a dearth of internet resources for insects, which is ironic as there are so many magnificent African species that are sold as mounted specimens.  Though our research on this Scarab Beetle has drawn a blank, we did find an Field Guide to Insects of South Africa that you might consider purchasing if you have other questions about the natural world in South Africa.  Sadly, our limited office space does not allow us the luxury of a comprehensive library for guide books for insects from around the world, and we must limit our research to the internet.  All we can offer at the moment is that this is a Scarab Beetle.  We are not sure of the identity of the other romantic couple in your photograph, though they appear to be Carrion Beetles.
Shortly after posting, we did one last ditch effort and we believe this may be a Flower Scarab in the genus
Leucocelis, based on photos posted to the Beetles of Africa website.  A photo of Leucocelis haemorrhoidalis from the Flower Beetles website looks very close.

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