Rove Beetle from Austria: Staphylinus caesareus

Odd looking insect
March 6, 2010
Greetings, on my summer holiday (July 2009)I found this insect crawling on the ground. It was about an inch long. Here’s hoping you can tell me what this is because it’s been bugging me ever since I took the photo with my mobile phone. Only one picture was reasonable, the rest are all vague but I added one because it shows some more detail on the head.
Thank you for your time.
Henk de Vries, The Netherlands
Carinthia, Austria

Rove Beetle:  Staphylinus caesareus

Hi Henk,
This is a Rove Beetle in the family Staphylinidae.  We will try to get a species identification when we have more time.

 Rove Beetle:  Staphylinus caesareus

This is Staphylinus caesareus.

Thanks for the comment mardikavana.  We found a link on Wild About Britain that pictures and describes Staphylinus caesareus.  We also found a matching photo on BioLib.  Rove Beetles are important predators that help to control populations of invertebrates.

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