Unknown Robber Fly from Costa Rica

Subject: Bug from Costa Rica
Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
July 17, 2016 6:36 pm
Hi Bugman,
I’m a biologist and photographer currently on vacation in Costa Rica, where I’m doing an ecologically-minded tour through the country to see wildlife. I have been having an absolutely amazing time and there are so many beautiful insects to be seen and identified. As a long time follower and fan of What’s That Bug, I thought I would submit one and see if you had any idea what it is (perhaps family/order/genus if not species). I have a lot of photos of bugs that have yet to be ID’d but I don’t know where to start with this one in particular. The bug was sighted in the Monteverde region and the photo was taken with a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. Thank you so much for your time and please keep up the excellent work!
PS: If you have any interest in seeing the other bug photos I have taken so far, I would be happy to share! I got a great shot of a bullet ant, among others.
Signature: Casey

Robber Fly
Robber Fly

Dear Casey,
Thanks for the compliment.  By all means submit more images, but please continue to use our standard form and please confine your submissions to one species per form unless there is a good reason to submit multiple species together.  This Fly in the order Diptera is a Robber Fly in the family Asilidae, but when we did a search for Asilidae Costa Rica, we did not find any matching images.  The closest we could find is this similar looking female Robber Fly from the UK.  Your individual appears to be a male judging by the claspers as the tip of his abdomen.  We suspect that there is much Robber Fly diversity in Costa Rica and we also suspect they are not as well documented as larger, flashier insects like butterflies, moths, beetles and katydids.  Here is a Costa Rican Robber Fly on Quaoar Power Zoo that is definitely NOT your species.  Robber Flies are adept predators that often take prey on the wing.

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