Subject: What’s this bug 🙂
Location: Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, South Africa
September 4, 2014 3:06 pm
Hi there. I am keen to find out what this is, found in the Eastern cape area – Humansdorp. Thanks. Natz
Signature: Natz the big big geek

Red Insect

Red Insect

Dear Natz the big big geek,
Even though the markings on the wings of this insect are quite unusual and distinctive, there isn’t enough detail for us to determine an order to begin searching for an identification.  We are posting your image and we hope to eventually be able to provide you with some identificaton.

Hi Daniel and Natz the big big geek:
This is a Spittlebug (Family Cercopidae), Rhinaulax analis. Common names appear to include Honeycombwing Spittlebug, Red Fynbos Spittlebug, or just Fynbos Spittlebug (it also comes in a yellow form). Most online images provide a tentative identification but the Field Guide to Insects of South Africa confirms the identification (pages 154 and 155. As far as I can tell it is endemic to South Africa and is common in Fynbos vegetation. Regards. Karl

Thanks for doing all this research Karl.  We suspected it was classified in the order Hemiptera.

Location: Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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