Ichneumon Pupa from South Africa

Subject:  Chrysalis perhaps ??
Geographic location of the bug:  Cape Town South Africa
Date: 09/13/2018
Time: 06:46 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi there I found this on our hose keeper.  I have never seen this before and wonder if you could please identify it please ? Thank you sincerely. Cheryl
How you want your letter signed:  Cheryl Combes

What’s That Pupa???

Dear Cheryl,
We are quite certain we have a similar looking hanging pupa in our archives, but we cannot remember its identity this morning.  We are currently very pressed for time, so we are posting your image as unidentified and we hope one of our readers will be able to provide a comment with its identity.

Update:  September 17, 2018:  Thanks to comments from both Cesar Crash and Karl, we are now able to link to another Ichneumon pupa in our archives.

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