Fruit Piercing Moth from Australia

Subject: Unknown Prominent Moth
Location: Nth Burnett. Queensland Australia
December 4, 2012 2:09 am
Hi guys,
A first encounter with this big beautiful moth and so far no luck in a positive ID. It is possibly the Eucalyptus Prominent Moth but there are few photos of it on the net and none of them very good.
I have submitted an ID request with our CSIRO’s Living Atlas project but so far they can’t provide an ID. The moth is 50mm with a wingspan around 80mm. The abdomen is orange as are the hind wings.
I particularly love the blue bands on the palps. Any ideas anyone?
Signature: Aussietrev

Fruit Piercing Moth

Hi Trevor,
If you ever determine the species of this comely Prominent Moth, please let us know.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist as well.

Fruit Piercing Moth

Update:  Eudocima fullonia
Thanks to a comment from Trevor, we now know that this is a Fruit Piercing Moth, Eudocima fullonia, and it is profiled on Butterfly House.


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  1. Hi guys,
    Finally got an ID on this guy. It is one of the fruit piercing moths and is listed as also being present in Hawaii. It is Eudocima fullonia and is considered an agricultural pest.


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