Peacock Fly from Germany

Subject: Any help
Location: stuttgart, germany
July 28, 2012 11:48 am
any idea what kind of bug this is. its a fly, but it puts its wings upright and walks around…
Signature: jesse

Peacock Fly

Hi Jesse,
We have not had any luck with an identification, however, we are filing this under Fruit Flies because that is where we believe it belongs.

Peacock Fly

Update:  July 28, 2012
No sooner had we posted this than Jacob H. wrote in with a comment inquiring if it might be
Callopistromyia annulipes, the Peacock Fly, one of the Picture Winged Flies.  An image on BugGuide confirms that identification.  BugGuide also confirms:  “recently found in Europe.”  Picture Winged Flies resemble Fruit Flies.

Hello Mr Marlos,
Thanks for the answer, never seen a flying bug put its wing straight up..


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    • Hi Jacob,
      Wow, that was fast. Thanks so much for identifying this creature as a Peacock Fly, one of the Picture Winged Flies. According to BugGuide, it was: “recently found in Europe.”


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