Unknown Orbweaver from Africa

Location: Gulf of Guinea, West/Central Africa
July 19, 2011 7:31 am
I have many photos from a trip to Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. I’ve been floating around this picture in hopes of identifying this spider but most of Invertebrates I photographed have been very difficult to ID. Please have a look if you can:
Signature: Thanks, Nathanael

Please resend and attach the spider photo.  We cannot grab the image from FlickR and we want to post the image before we begin the research.

Here you go.  Could you please give attribution if you post the photo.  Would you like me to send all of the photos I have questions about?

Unknown Orbweaver

Hi Nathanael,
This is sure one interesting Spider.  We agree it is most likely one of the Orbweavers, but we don’t even have a clue at the genus.  As you might have realized, researching African bugs doesn’t always produce satisfactory results.  We are posting your letter and image and we hope eventually we will get an identification.

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