Tiger Moth from Thailand

Subject:  A very different moth
Geographic location of the bug:  Baan Maka Chalet, near Kaeng Krachan National Park, Petchaburi, Thailand
Your letter to the bugman:  I am fascinated with moths and have many postings on iNaturalist  of these insects, representing many families.  However, I am completely befuddled as to what Family this very interesting and different moth belongs in.  Can you help?
How you want your letter signed:  Pam Piombino, Colorado

Tiger Moth

Dear Pam,
We believe you moth is a member of the superfamily Noctuoidea.

Thanks, Daniel.  Actually, the owner of Baan Maka found the correct i.d. in the Moths of Thailand under Arctidae:   Trischalis subaurana
He has also photographed two other members of the same Genus on his property.  They must be quite rare as I looked for days in web searches for another that resembled my photo.
All the best, Pam

Thanks for the update Pam and the iNaturalist link.  Arctiidae as been reclassified as the subfamily Arctiinae within the family Erebidae and under the general superfamily Noctuoidea.

Thank you for the education!  I am a beginner with so very much to learn, Pam

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